Why we must think out loud

Kirstie Donnelly talks about why it's so important to explore disruptive technology in education

03 June 2014 / Be the first to comment

We work with over 10,000 centres across the globe and each centre faces wave after wave of technological change. We have seen technology fads come and go, as well as disruptive technologies that only a few spotted. We’ve invested in tech companies and scalable platforms in order to play our part. However, in our experience, innovation most often occurs from the ground up.

And in all this change, there is one thing of which we are certain: the rate of change only increases.

So it’s imperative that as an education-focused community, which must have the needs of the learner at its core, we experiment with emerging technologies, and share the learning- the successes and the pain- with the community.

That’s why the Think Out Loud Club was born. To facilitate the conversation about disruptive technology. For we all must play our part in change.

This article was first posted on the Think Out Loud Club website.

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