Opening doors to a career in media make-up

We visited Cambridge Regional College to learn what opportunities are open after taking a media make-up course

23 June 2014 / Be the first to comment

What does it take to be a success in the field of media make-up? We took make-up artist and vlogger Klaire de Lys to Cambridge Regional College to find out.

Klaire interviewed tutor Beverley, who described the full range of options available in media make-up careers. She talked about the entrepreneurial skills required to become a top-flight make-up artist and how the college helps students develop them.

Klaire also met current students Francesca and Sophie to hear about their experiences on the course and see examples of their work. She also visited INGLOT, a high-end cosmetics store, to find out about the importance of work experience from former student Olivia.

Find out more about the media make-up course at Cambridge Regional College

Visit our YouTube channel to see more videos in our open doors series.

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