Developing new operational delivery qualifications

City & Guilds Kineo worked with the Civil Service to develop a suite of qualifications for the Operational Delivery Profession

04 June 2014 / Be the first to comment

City & Guilds Kineo has worked with the Civil Service to develop a suite of qualifications from levels 2 to 5 for the Operational Delivery Profession.  The qualifications cover all six skills families and are a fantastic Continuing Professional Development offer for the largest profession in the Civil Service – over 280,000 people all over the world. It is also suitable for the wider public sector including local authorities.

The challenge now is to find ways to attract fresh talent into the profession – young people who will be able to develop the right capabilities, skills and knowledge to deliver a 21st century service to citizens in the UK and overseas.   To achieve this, the profession in partnership with Kent County Council are now developing its own Operational Delivery Profession Apprenticeship scheme.

City & Guilds Kineo are supporting this project which will create a new way to enter the Civil Service or the wider public sector by firstly developing a new Operational Delivery Profession Apprenticeship standard. The standard will give departments and agencies the ability to bring in new people who will go on to develop nationally-recognised transferable skills that help career progression and contribute to successful Civil Service Reform.

This forms one of the government’s apprenticeship trailblazers along with leading large and small employers in 29 sectors, including aviation, nursing and retail. With them, the profession is part of the group of employers who are re-writing the rulebook to develop new, world-class, apprenticeships as part of government reforms to apprenticeships.

The new standard for operational delivery apprentices will be a clear and concise document that sets out the skills, behaviours and knowledge that an apprentice will develop by doing our apprenticeship. That document will also set out how the standard will be assessed in a way that it is successfully supporting apprentices and raising the game in the profession.

When the standard receives the stamp of approval from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills in June, City & Guilds will continue to work with the profession and Kent County Council to complete the development of the full apprenticeship.  The Apprenticeship will be launched across the Civil Service and made available to local authorities from April 2015. 

Jake McClure, Assistant Director of Talent, Accreditation and Overseas Delivery for the profession said ‘we are excited to continue our partnership work with City & Guilds and to complete our fantastic suite of qualifications. It is important to be able to go into schools and show people that not only do we have an alternative to university, but a potentially exciting and diverse career which can take you anywhere in the world'.

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