Opinion: Budget Response

Opinion: Chris Jones responds to the March 2012 budget.

22 March 2012 / Be the first to comment

Chris Jones, CEO and Director General of City & Guilds, responds to the Budget:

“Whilst we welcome measures to give businesses the support they need to create additional jobs for our economy, yesterday’s Budget marks a missed opportunity for the Government. In the midst of the largest youth unemployment crisis we have faced in decades, the Chancellor’s budget neglected to tackle the root causes of the problems within the current education system and the impact of this on the growing UK skills gap.

It was right to highlight the importance of continued investment in apprenticeships and their benefits for both employers and young people. However, there's a real danger in seeing them as the fix all solution for getting young people into work. The enterprise loan scheme for young people is also all very well but we lack an education system that can help nurture these budding entrepreneurs. The Government should be focusing instead on addressing the failing national curriculum as a matter of urgency to improve learners’ skills and give them the relevant tools to ensure they’re prepared for the world of work.”

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