Shape Tomorrow competition winner spends a day with top chef Mark Hix

Shape Tomorrow competition winner, Junior Kayumbi, spends a day with top chef Mark Hix

04 March 2013 / Be the first to comment

At The Skills Show, City & Guilds launched its Shape Tomorrow competition to give one teenager the chance to help shape their future by winning a day’s work experience with top chef, restaurateur and food writer Mark Hix at his restaurant, Tramshed.  

The competition was open to all 14-19 year olds who could enter through the City & Guilds Facebook page or at The Skills Show itself. As part of their entry, they were asked to submit a short video or written piece explaining what they think young people need to help them shape their tomorrow and achieve the future they deserve.  

The winner, Junior Kayumbi, was selected by a panel including Mark Hix and City & Guilds. This video shows how he found the experience, and what he learnt during the course of the day.

Shape Tomorrow competition winner, Junior Kayumbi, spends a day with top chef Mark Hix  

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