Canadian delegates visit London to learn about vocational education

Delegates from Canada recently visited the College of North West London.

15 March 2014 / Be the first to comment

Last week, City & Guilds jointly hosted a ‘Skills Mission’ – a high-level ministerial visit from Canada to the College of North West London.

As part of the visit, the delegation of government ministers, officials and senior educators from Canada visited the college to experience and see first-hand how vocational learning is organised in the UK. 

Hosted by Principal Andy Cole, the college had the opportunity to showcase their work to the delegation, which was headed up by the Canadian Minister of Advanced Education, The Hon. Rob Norris. The delegation also included Employment Minister Jason Kenny and Denise Amyot, President of the Association of Canadian Colleges. 

The delegation had the chance to speak with managers from the college to understand more about funding and the apprenticeship system. They were particularly impressed to see how the college is working with local employers and the community, as well as international partners. 

Meanwhile, City & Guilds representatives spoke to the delegation about their role both in the UK and internationally.

Nick DuGard, Territory Business Manager at City & Guilds said: ‘It was a real honour to receive the Canadian delegation and showcase the UK’s vocational education system, as well as learning about the system in Canada. 

'It was also a great example of working in close collaboration with one of our customers and I know the College of North West London found the experience as useful and insightful as we did.’

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