Helping Local Authorities meet their apprenticeships targets!

Last year the Government presented us with their 2020 vision for apprenticeships - to deliver 3 million apprenticeship starts in England.

11 March 2016

With such an ambitious target, the Government has recognised the part the Public Sector has to play and has proposed a yearly minimum 2.3% target based on headcount (public bodies over 250 employees or more).   

Historically the public sector has delivered fewer apprenticeships than the private sector and reaching this 2.3% target will come with a number of challenges.

City & Guilds have been at the forefront of these changes - through raising awareness of these reforms, supporting employer trailblazer groups, producing newsletters/publications and hosting events and webinars…

On the 22nd February, City & Guilds hosted the first in a series of events specific for Local Government organisations. The event was attended by a large number of professionals and learning and development managers from Local Authorities across England. 

The topics covered were met with huge interest from the audience, especially the presentation on the current funding situation by the City and Guilds Funding Manager Bryony Kingsland: the apprenticeship reforms, 19+ skills landscape, funding, end assessment, Digital Apprenticeship Service, levy and working with training providers. This gave attendees the opportunity to raise questions on how these reforms will affect their public sector organisations.

With new targets and trailblazers there are new apprenticeship opportunities available for national and local government employers, one of these being the Public Service Operational Delivery Apprenticeship.  City & Guilds has been involved in the development of this apprenticeship and invited James Bishop, Director of Operational Delivery at the Civil Service, to share the insights on the implementation of this new standard across over 20 government departments and the impact it is likely to have on talent management within the government departments in the future.

The new Public Service Operational Delivery Apprenticeship will be soon be available to Local Authorities throughout England.  There was lot of interest from delegates and immediately after the event we have received interest from five Local Authorities to pilot this apprenticeship standard!

The event left attendees with a lot to think about. The new employer led apprenticeships have been designed to meet employer specific standards and will be delivered differently to the traditional SASE frameworks. This means Local Authorities need to rethink the ways in which they deliver their apprenticeships and the relationships with their partners and stakeholders – the most exciting thing is that now it is the employers who are in the driving seat and decide how they want to deliver apprenticeships to their staff!

City & Guilds is committed to supporting public sector employers to achieve the 2020 vision and will be hosting a number of events.


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