City & Guilds will no longer be a Credit Rating Body in Scotland

City & Guilds is a Regulated Awarding Organisation working across the UK. It also operates in Scotland as a Credit Rating Body.

28 March 2022

City & Guilds has taken the decision that it will no longer operate as an Approved Credit Rating Body. A Credit Rating Body can allocate levels and credits to their own learning programmes and/or qualifications in Scotland so these can feature in the SCQF.

David Phillips, Managing Director of City & Guilds, explains, ‘City & Guilds remains committed to our customers in Scotland. We will continue to deliver our UK-wide portfolio of qualifications to cement our commitment to a cohesive and high-quality skills system across the UK. Our decision to not continue as a Credit Rating Body is the result of a review of our operations in response to changing market needs across the UK and distinct devolved policies.’

The joint statement

In September 2021, CGLI (City and Guilds of London Institute) confirmed that it had taken the decision that it would no longer operate as an Approved Credit Rating Body. Therefore, as of 16 September 2021, CGLI has been unable to credit rate any new programmes for the SCQF.

This decision means that new learners can only be registered on existing SCQF credit rated programmes, where CGLI is the Credit Rating Body, until 20 September 2022. CGLI and the SCQF Partnership will work together to ensure that all learners– both new and existing - registered on these programmes prior to that date will be able to be certificated with the appropriate SCQF level - and receive credit points when they successfully complete within the period up to the end certification date.

Once the end certification date has been reached, or earlier if all eligible learners have been certificated by then, the programme will be archived on the SCQF database and no other learners will be able to be awarded SCQF levels or credits for that programme. All learners and centres will continue to receive full support from CGLI for their SCQF credit rated provision until it is archived.

For registration and end certification dates for CGLI credit rated programmes please review the list, or if you have any questions, please email

For any further information regarding registration and end certification dates please contact City & Guilds. For any queries relating to SCQF level, credits or Credit Rating Body status, please contact the SCQF Partnership. For any enquiries regarding specific learners please contact the provider delivering the relevant programme.

Going forward

City & Guilds will continue to operate as a regulated Awarding Organisation in Scotland delivering UK and global qualifications, Licence to Practice, Certificates of Competence and Recognition Services.