Apprenticeship numbers won't mean anything without quality, says CEO

Chris Jones and Kirstie Donnelly respond to the 2015 Queen's Speech

28 May 2015 / Jump to comment (1)

The Queen recently delivered a speech to both Houses of Parliament at the State Opening of Parliament 2015.

In response, Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group, and Kirstie Donnelly, UK Managing Director of City & Guilds, both commented on the speech.

Speaking on skills development, Chris said:

'The enthusiasm for reaching three million apprenticeships underscores the importance of vocational training for people up and down the country.

‘However, numbers don’t mean anything unless apprenticeships offer a quality teaching and learning experience for every apprentice.

'If reaching targets becomes more important than ensuring quality, apprenticeships could lose their credibility and the progress we’ve made so far will be undone. If we get the quality right, the numbers will come.

‘We welcome the Chancellor's focus on matching increased employment with increased productivity. Investment in skills development and training is one of the best ways to boost output per worker, benefiting the individual, the employer and the economy.

'Encouraging and developing a national culture of lifelong learning will go a long way towards a lasting solution to reverse the stagnating productivity trend.'

Speaking on devolution, Kirstie said:

'Giving cities greater control over skills and employment is a positive step forward that will better suit the needs of local job markets.

'Councils have a clearer picture of the skills and jobs that are in demand in their areas, and so are best-placed to make decisions that benefit local needs.

'Within the devolution agenda, we would like to see the government go further and establish Local Enterprise Partnerships on a statutory basis to help bridge the gap between education and business.' 

You can also read their quotes in City A.M. and Training Journal.

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Obed Sagay

02 July 2015

This is too good I have been looking for this course to attend or ready to take the exams.

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