Opening doors in Dublin

Find out what happened when three students were broken out of college to spend a day at Windmill Lane Recording studios

01 November 2013 / Be the first to comment

On Thursday 17 October, three students from South & City College Birmingham were taken out of college at 7am in the morning and flown to Dublin. The whole day was a surprise to them - they had no idea where they were going, or what they would be doing. 

They were taken to the world-renowned Windmill Lane Recording studios and given the opportunity to record with a live band and meet top producers. Watch our video to find out what happened.

In the build up to this year's Skills Show, City & Guilds is opening doors for young people to inspire them about their futures. It has teamed up with top employers and YouTube personalities (such as thatcher Joe Sugg) to highlight opportunities and explore different skills pathways.

Find out more about the Open Doors Dublin experience here, or click here to find out about City & Guilds' Open Doors campaign.

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