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City & Guilds responds to MP Tristram Hunt's announcement on increasing basic maths skills in the UK

21 November 2014 / Be the first to comment

City & Guilds fully supports recent announcements by Ministers to review the options available for learners to develop and achieve a minimum of Level 2 capability in English and maths whilst in compulsory education and training. 

If the UK is to continue to compete in a global economy and reach our economic potential nobody would argue that a standard level of Maths and English competence is essential for that ambition and a basic expectation of our national education and training programmes.  

We welcome the recognition that one approach to learning and assessment of maths and English is not the sole means of achieving this aim and may simply lead to further demoralisation and lack of engagement with these fundamental life skills.

GCSEs remain a valuable benchmark for achievement and perform a very specific purpose in preparation for further study. However, they are not the only means of measurement available to us and with the support of practitioners, subject experts and assessment professionals we have an opportunity to develop an alternative and equally credible offer to post-16 students.  

The title and labelling of such offers can be determined in time but the prize of a truly numerate and literate generation is too significant to delay. At City & Guilds we are keen to work with Government departments and nominated bodies to achieve this aim as soon as possible.

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