Funding withdrawal update for Post-16 qualifications

ESFA are removing public funding from a number of qualifications that have had no take up over the last 3 years through the ESFA funding route.

05 November 2020

This is in line with the review of post-16 qualifications at level 3 and below currently being carried out by DfE. As such, a number of our qualifications will attract ESFA funding only until the end of July 2021.

However, some of the qualifications will remain open and available as regulated qualifications for privately funded delivery or as part of an apprenticeship offer in the Nations.

Finally, as part of our quality process, we do assess content and usage of our qualifications to ensure they remain relevant to current skills needs. Where we find that qualifications are no longer relevant (indicated by low or no uptake), we may take a decision to close those qualifications.

Please ensure you regularly monitor communication from City & Guilds for the latest updates on qualifications being retired or withdrawn from the market.

Download the list of qualifications

If you had any questions on the above please contact your dedicated Business Manager and they will be happy to help.