Innovative duo win award for cooking up the future of skills

Innovative duo win award for cooking up the future of skills

24 October 2017 / Be the first to comment

City & Guilds and global chefs’ network Worldchefs scoop top prize for innovation at Federation of Awarding Bodies’ annual awards

On Thursday 19 October Leader in skills development City & Guilds, and global chefs’ network Worldchefs scooped the top award for innovation of the year at the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) annual conference.

The pair won the award after collaborating to create an innovative new online tool that allows chefs to earn a globally recognised professional certification without even having to leave the kitchen. The tool was developed by Digitalme, a City & Guilds Group company that specialises in digital credentialing.

Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Managing Director of City & Guilds, said: “We’re delighted to be recognised by FAB for innovation in our work with Worldchefs on this global culinary certification tool. The award is an important acknowledgement of the success of the Worldchefs certification and the benefits it is already bringing to the culinary industry.”

“Technology is transforming the way people learn and develop their skills globally and we believe that digital credentialing is the start of a revolution in the way skills are recognised across the world. The culinary industry is leading the way and I hope that many more industries realise the potential of digital credentialing over the coming years.”

In 2016, Worldchefs and the City & Guilds Group created the new digital platform which allows chefs to be fully recognised for their experience gained whilst working in the industry. Using the tool, participants can verify their expertise at nine different levels which include professional cook, master chef, master pastry chef and culinary educator.

The Worldchefs Global Culinary Certification is a first in the culinary industry and enables experienced chefs, cooks and culinary educators, as well as students who are embarking on their careers, to have their skills and experience validated by the industry professionals at Worldchefs whilst earning the stamp of quality that the City & Guilds brand assures. It is available to employers, training institutions as well as individuals.

The certification uses a digital currency, called ‘open badges’, that has been developed by DigitalMe, and allows chefs to showcase their skills and experience online, on social media and job sites, giving employers instant information on what individuals have achieved.

Chris Kirk, Managing Director of Digitalme, said: “We are so proud to have helped City & Guilds and Worldchefs win this FAB award for innovation.

“The tool we created together is already helping people and organisations across the culinary industry to truly articulate the huge range of skills they have at their disposal which would have otherwise been invisible to them. With this anyplace and anytime assessment and recognition model, we can play a part in tackling the global skills shortage that the culinary industry faces with portable and trusted recognition that moves across borders."

“The Worldchefs certification focuses on closing the gap between the skills employers in the culinary industry need and the skills they can see – by helping individuals to clearly promote when they have met the standard and creating a trusted forum to share and have these validated online.”

John Clancy, Director of Education at Worldchefs, said “We are extraordinarily honoured that our work on the global recognition tool has won the FAB Innovation of the Year Award. For every hardworking and aspiring chef across the globe, the Worldchefs certification offers a unique - and much needed - solution. It makes it easier to get skills validated, to grow careers and to help raise professional culinary standards globally. We are delighted to see the certification gain such meaningful industry recognition for these goals and look forward to continuing to certify chefs from Ecuador to Sweden to Taiwan.”

If you would like to find out more about the Worldchefs global certification please visit

If you would like to find out more about the power of digital credentialing visit the DigitalMe website

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