City & Guilds responds to Ofsted careers report

City & Guilds welcomes the Ofsted report and Government response on careers education.

10 September 2013 / Be the first to comment

City & Guilds has today welcomed the Ofsted report and Government response on careers education. In response to the publications, City & Guilds Chief Executive and Director-General, Chris Jones said:

‘I am pleased that the Government has recognised the need to improve the standard of advice being given to school leavers. Today's reports both contain measures designed to raise the profile of non-traditional educational routes - from apprenticeships to vocational qualifications and on-the-job training via increased access to work experience. This is a significant, if overdue, milestone for the vocational education sector.

‘The young people I speak to frequently tell me they have received incomplete, out of date information or advice that does not correlate with their experience, interests or talents. All too often, it seems like careers education has been an add-on to a curriculum that is founded on narrow criteria for success.

‘A new framework for careers advice based around inspiration and aspiration is a step in the right direction. We strongly support the Government's aim of looking beyond the school gates to ensure all young people are aware of the diverse and exciting opportunities open to them in the workplace.

‘The report and Government response also acknowledge what we have long understood; the need to forge better links between employers and education.  This is why we are currently developing a new qualification, the City & Guild's TechBac, that embeds work experience into the curriculum alongside high quality technical skills to help learners develop the skills needed by employers.

‘We are also supporting The Skills Show, an annual event to help inspire young people about their futures and show them the wealth of options open for both further study and employment.  

‘Today's announcement is a strong starting point for developing a careers education system that works for all young people. We look forward to working with the Government to build on this to ensure informed and impartial advice about the workplace stops being an exception and becomes the norm.’

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