Young people need better careers advice, warns City & Guilds Group CEO

City & Guilds Group CEO responds to ONS unemployment stats

16 September 2015 / Be the first to comment

The ONS recently published its latest UK unemployment figures.

They show that the unemployment rate remains at 5.5% from the previous quarter. However, the City & Guilds Group has warned that youth unemployment is still too high.

Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group, said:

'We can’t lose sight of the fact that 15.6% of young people are still unemployed, even though overall unemployment is starting to steady. It’s crucial that the Government tackles the root of this joblessness. Too many of them are struggling to find work because they didn’t get adequate careers advice in school. That’s why we need to use labour market information and the latest data on skills gaps to shape the careers advice on offer. We also need to see even closer links between careers advice services in schools and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) who can advise on the labour market.

‘After all, young people deserve to know about all of their options, including professional and technical education. Analysis we commissioned from the economics firm Cebr shows that a 10% increase in vocational education enrolment for 16 – 18 year olds would cut youth unemployment by 1.5 percentage points – that’s more than 10,500 people.’

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