Helping apprentices achieve EPA success during Covid-19

Poole based private training provider Locomotivation Training have been on a digitalisation drive since 2017. They spoke to us on how they supported their apprentices over the summer through whilst working remotely.

14 September 2020

Through adopting blended learning approaches Locomotivation Training have been helping apprentices succeed across multiple sectors and specialisms including Leadership and Management, Hospitality and Care. The training provider started their engagement with City & Guilds and ILM by using the e-portfolio solution Solar, and have since moved forward with Get-to-Gateway across many standards to engage and guide apprentices to EPA success.

As existing users of City & Guilds and ILM e-portfolio platforms Locomotivation were familiar with what they had to offer. During lockdown they took full advantage of Get-to-Gateway to ensure their apprentices were not disadvantaged once face-to-face teaching came to an abrupt halt. Through using the platform, they kept engagement and communication frequent and high, resulting in several apprentices passing with flying colours via remote learning and assessment methods during Covid-19.

Digital success story – Locomotivation training

Trusted content to support apprentices

As an independent training provider creating learning content is time consuming and challenging.  Locomotivation training also need to rapidly shift from a blended learning approach to fully remote learning impacted apprentices during lockdown.

Sarah-Jane Bowley, Quality Manager at Locomotivation stated;

“Creating quality content is hard when you don’t have the resources of a large organisation.  VLE solutions are also expensive and so Get-to-Gateway ticked all the boxes for us to provide quality learning for our apprentices and help us to guide them through to Gateway”.

Engaging learners online

As users of Get To Gateway their training specialists took full advantage of the platform to communicate with, engage, motivate and coach their apprentices through the requirements of their learning journey.   Through clear planning and feedback as well as regular deadline setting, the trainers kept apprentice engagement high, and moved them through the process to gateway.

Ms Bowley added;

“The trainers can plan the programme effectively with clear target dates that are visible to all relevant parties.  It is simple for the learners to use with the learning required highlighted on their programme page.  Learners are able to log their off the job training on the system which helps with compliance.   It also allows all parties to see a visual of what has been achieved and what is outstanding on one screen. 

EPA success during lockdown

The training specialists used the e-portfolio to connect with and guide apprentices throughout.  Several apprentices passed their EPA via remote assessment over the summer months.

Regular communication and clear feedback online, backed up with video calls, really helped apprentices through to gateway and then onto EPA success.

“The combination of quality learning content and a system to facilitate communication and engagement is perfect.  We have been using Get to Gateway for 18 months and have found it invaluable for our changing delivery methods. This has been highlighted further during the Covid-19 pandemic where we have been able to fully support our learners remotely and ensure progression is maintained.” said Ms Bowley.

For more information on Get-to-Gateway visit the dedicated page.