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  • Engineering Maintenance (1788)

    They are essential for people starting out in a career as an engineering maintenance operative or technician and can be undertaken within an Intermediate or Advanced Apprenticeship. Completed in the workplace they allow people to demonstrate their competence, set against National Occupational Stand

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Introductory Qualifications in Vehicle Systems, Body and Paint Maintenance and Cycle Mechanics (3902)

    Learn the basics of repairing or refinishing any type of vehicles with these introductory vehicle systems, body and paint maintenance and cycle mechanics qualifications. You'll learn the basic skills you need to enrol in more advanced qualifications, and then get a job in a garage or body shop. Yo

    Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2 SCQF 3 SCQF 4

  • SmartScreen help

    Administrators of Smartscreen. Our simple user guide should help with most tasks on Smartscreen. Find out more.

  • T Level Technical Qualification in Engineering and Manufacturing (Core) (8730)

    The T Level Technical Qualification in Engineering and Manufacturing (Core) is a mandatory component required for completion of any of the three T Level Technical Qualifications in Engineering and Manufacturing. Completion of the Core component is a requirement for learners completing a full T

    Level 3

  • Saddlery (0101)

    This qualification allows candidates to learn, develop and practise the skills required to enter into employment in, or progress within, the saddlery industry.

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Marine (2473)

    These qualifications have been developed to be included within the Foundation Phase of the new Apprenticeship Standards for Boatbuilders, Marine Engineer, and Marine Electrician which will replace the current Level 2 and Level 3 Marine, Construction, Systems Engineering and Maintenance (Bo

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Work-based Horticulture Apprenticeships - Wales

    Horticulture apprenticeships provide learners with skills in specialist areas of expertise. Areas include; landscaping; production horticulture; sports turf and golf greenkeeping; parks, gardens and green space. Whilst we do not offer a single point of registration for this framework we do offer

  • Marine Construction, Systems Engineering and Maintenance (2463)

    These qualifications enable learners to learn, develop and practise the skills required for employment and/or career progression in the marine engineering or boatbuilding maintenance sector.

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Rail Apprenticeships (9788)

    Our Rail Apprenticeships provide learners with the skills in specialist areas of expertise while giving them knowledge of the wider rail industry. Areas include track and signalling maintenance; passenger rail services; rail freight services; controlling train movements; and railway infrastructure.

    Level 2

  • Aeronautical Engineering and Maintenance (2675)

    They enable learners to develop the essential knowledge and hand-skills to become an aerospace technician or engineer. Normally completed in College they are a vital part of either an intermediate or advanced apprenticeship in the Aerospace sector. 2675-05 Level 3 Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Welding Skills (3268)

    City & Guilds welding courses are designed for a range of abilities: from beginners who need basic welding training, to experienced welders who want to develop specialist skills.

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • Vehicle Accident Repair (VRQs) (4291)

    These qualifications are for anyone interested in starting or developing a career in the motor industry in accident repair, whether you want to maintain and repair the paint and bodywork of a vehicle or become a Mechanical and Electrical Trim Technician.

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • Level 4 and 5 Engineering (9209)

    The Level 4 and 5 Diplomas in Engineering focus on advanced engineering, with a wide choice of units to provide a flexible route to career success as a professional engineer. You will have the potential to fulfil a role within Engineering that requires a high level of responsibility requiring the us

    Level 4 Level 5

  • Game and Wildlife Management (0069)

    The Diploma in Game and Wildlife Management enables you to develop and demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in this industry. Subjects covered include promoting, monitoring and maintaining the health, safety and security of the workplace to preparing deer for human con

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Horticulture (0078)

    Gain the knowledge and skills you need to work with plants - from maintaining turf as a groundskeeper, to caring for plants as a gardener, to designing gardens and parks as a landscape artist. You'll learn at a College or with a training provider and gain practical experience that will give you a

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Logistics Operations Apprenticeships (9868)

    Our Logistics Operations Apprenticeships provide learners with knowledge and skills in specialist areas of expertise. Areas include mail and package distribution, warehousing and storage, import and export, driving goods, traffic office and transport departments. Please note: Key Skills (3638) clos

    Level 2

  • Engineering (2850)

    Focussing on the major disciplines within engineering, the learner will gain the knowledge and hand skills needed to develop or build on a successful career in engineering and advanced manufacturing. They are also vital components of an Intermediate and Advanced Engineering apprenticeship.

    A1 Preliminary Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • Gas Utilisation (6014)

    These Diplomas have been designed for the Gas installation industry. Completion of any pathways in 6014-03, 6014-05 and 6014-13 will enable learners to apply for Gas Safe Registration and work in the UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey. This flexible qualification offers two options: • Matters of Ga

    Level 3

  • Animal Care (0146)

    Level 2 Certificate of Technical Competence in Dog Walking Level 2 Certificate of Technical Competence in Pet Sitting Level 2 Certificate of Technical Competence in Animal Health, Husbandry and Handling Level 3 Certificate of Technical Competence in Animal Nutrition These are short practical qua

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Environmental Conservation (0070)

    These knowledge-based qualifications form part of the Apprenticeship Framework for Environmental Conservation, Equine and Floristry and the Advanced Apprenticeship Framework for Environmental Conservation, Equine, Forestry and Floristry. They are also ideal for professional development and preparing

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Technicals in Land & Wildlife Management (0173)

    The following qualifications will be closed from 01 August 2020: • 0173-30  601/7557/6 Level 3 Advanced Technical Certificate in Land and Wildlife Management • 0173-32  601/7565/5 Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Land and Wildlife Management (720)

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Skills for Working Life (4807)

    These qualifications will help you to develop the personal and work-related skills that could enable you to progress into further learning or supported employment, or enhance your independent living skills. You can also choose specialist units or develop the kind of skills and ability that are of in

    Entry 2 Entry 3

  • Technicals in Horticulture and Forestry & Arboriculture (0174)

    The following qualifications are now closed, all other qualifications under 0174 remain open for registrations: 0174-30 601/7453/5 Level 3 Advanced Technical Certificate in Horticulture 0174-32 601/7455/9 Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Horticulture (720) 0174-35 601/7507/2 Level 3 Ad

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Diplomas in Rail Engineering Competence (6499)

    The UK is facing a shortage of railway engineering and operating skills to deliver the investment in renewing and improving the existing railway, together with exciting projects such as Thameslink, Crossrail 1 & 2, the Intercity Express Programme, High Speed 2 & 3 and Network Rail’s vi

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Health and Safety (0018)

    If you are looking to work within the land-based sector, then these essential short qualifications are aimed at you.  The Level 2 Certificate of Technical Competence in Health & Safety for Land Based Industries aims to provide you with an understanding of the principles of h

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Floristry (0344)

    The Higher Diploma in Professional Floristry can help you gain the skills you need to run your own floristry business. You'll develop your floristry knowledge and develop important business and management skills to help you in your floristry career.

    Level 4 Level 5

  • Countryside and Environment (0076)

    Develop the knowledge and skills you need to work in the countryside - from managing an estate as a gamekeeper to monitoring animal populations to keeping a river healthy for fishing. You'll learn with a training provider and gain practical experience that will give you an edge in the world of work.

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Technical Award in Land Based Studies (0170)

    Important update 2022 The 601/7240/X Level 2 Technical Award in Land Based Studies (0170-20) is closing for registrations on the 31st July 2022, and will be replaced by the 610/0652/X Level 2 Technical Award in Land Based Studies (0170-24), which has been approved by the DfE for the 2024 K

    Level 2

  • Logistics Operations Management (3439)

    For those employed in the logistics sector who want to prove their competence in a supervisory or management role. This qualification covers all the essential skills and knowledge needed to ensure that goods reach their destinations safely and efficiently, such as: supervising the receipt, storage

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Centre-based Land-based Service Engineering (0075)

    The Certificate and Diploma in Land-based technology provide a stepping stone into the workplace, higher education, or career progression. Based mainly in the classroom, you will also be able to practise essential engineering skills in a land-based work environment. UCAS tariff Certificate in

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Confined Spaces (6150)

    The 6150 qualifications have been replaced by 6160 Confined Spaces. The updated qualification content is based on the National Occupational Standards developed by Energy & Utility Skills for the industry These qualifications are for those who have to enter, supervise or manage confined spaces.

    Level 2 Level 3 Level 5

  • Work-based Agriculture (0066)

    Focussing upon the principles and practices of agriculture in a work-based setting, the learner will focus on areas of interest such as crop production, mixed farming, livestock production or poultry production, and can progress to a career within farming 

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • Technicals in Animal Care Management and Equine Care Management (0172)

    The Level 2 Technical Certificate in Animal Care is aimed at learners that are looking to start a career in the animal care industry. Learners could progress into employment, onto an Apprenticeship, or further their studies by taking other qualifications at Level 3. The Level 2 T

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Animal Care (0074)

    Focussing upon the major principles and practices of animal care and welfare, from managing a pet shop or grooming dogs to caring for exotic animals, the learner will be able to start or build on a career in the Animal Care Industry.  UCAS tariff Certificate in Land Based Services

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Livestock (0141)

    Prove your competence in handling medication for animals with the Awards in Veterinary Medicines. For the Level 2 qualification, you'll show you have the skills and knowledge to safely store, administer, dispose of and maintain veterinary medicines. At Level 3, you'll demonstrate your ability to pre

    Level 2

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