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  • Furniture and Furnishings (5782)

    These qualifications, which are assessed in the workplace,  are suitable for all learners within the furniture industry from restoring furniture, to designing upholstery or fitted kitchens, to managing furniture production a workshop.  On completion of any of these qualifications the learn

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • International Tourism (4867)

    A qualification in International Tourism can help you find your first job in the tourism industry or move on in your travel career. Your qualification will be recognised in a wide range of countries. These qualifications are versatile - you can develop a broad range of basic tourism skills, or choo

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning (4835)

    Want to turn your love of sport and leisure activities into a career? This qualification is designed to give you a solid introduction to working in the sport and active leisure industry. You'll gain greater awareness of the industry and what you can do to succeed in employment, as well as an unders

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Residential Childcare (England) (4340)

    The Level 3 Diploma for Residential Childcare (England) and the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Residential Childcare (England) are designed to support learners who want to work in a care or management role in residential childcare and who have not previously achieved an existing re

    Level 3 Level 5

  • Caring for Children (4237)

    These qualifications provide an introduction to caring for children and help develop the skills and knowledge learners need to care for children. Learners will cover topics such as communicating with children, engaging children through activities, supporting learning and planning for

    Level 1

  • Work with Parents (3599)

    Get the skills you need to work effectively with parents, helping them to understand their role and meet their children's social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs in family life. Awards and Certificates in Work with Parents can help you start a career, develop your role and continue you

    Level 3 Level 4

  • Children and Young People's Workforce (4227)

    4227-06 Level 3 Diploma for Children's Care, Learning and Development (Wales & Northern Ireland) and 4227-08 Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Children's Care, Learning and Development (Management) (Wales and Northern Ireland) have been extended for Northern Ireland ONLY until 30 November 2020.&

    Level 2 Level 3 Level 5

  • Essential Skills for Work and Life (Wales) (3846)

     These qualifications enable learners in Wales to develop their communication, number and ICT skills through a flexible and personalised learning programme. Developed in conjunction with the Welsh Government, these qualifications complement and support progression towards the Essential Skills W

    Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • English Skills and Mathematics Skills (3847)

    A highly versatile collection of units and qualifications for learners in England that are designed to support flexible and personalised patterns of maths and English learning. Available at five levels (Entry 1 to Level 2), they can be used to help learners progress towards 'destination' q

    Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2

  • Essential Skills (Northern Ireland) (4800)

    Fundamental applied skills in Application of Number, Communication and ICT help learners in Northern Ireland function effectively and progress in work, further learning and general life.

    Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2

  • IVQ in Oil and Gas (8510)

    The IVQ Advanced Diploma in Oil and Gas Maintenance helps you develop the skills and understanding to work as a technical engineer in the oil and gas industry. You'll gain broad background knowledge of the industry, covering technical principles and practical skills. You'll also learn about the role

    Level 3 No Level

  • Introduction to the Facilities Industry (7612)

    These brand new qualifications provide a broad understanding of waste management, recycling and facilities services.

    Level 1

  • Refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems (6090)

    This apprenticeship is designed by key employers in the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump system industry and is one of the new 'trailblazer apprenticeships'.  It provides the skills and underpinning knowledge for both basic and advanced refrigeration systems and includes an end-tes

  • Cleaning and Support Services Skills (7648)

    Show you're a properly skilled cleaner or can supervise a cleaning team with these flexible cleaning qualifications. You'll learn and be assessed at work, and you can choose a qualification that suits you - from short Awards to in-depth Diplomas. There are options for all kinds of people - if you've

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • Parking Enforcement (2950)

    This qualification will enable you to learn, develop and practise the essential skills needed to work as a parking enforcement officer (Level 2) or Notice Processor (Level 3).  It recognises your professional ability and will help you to progress in your career.

    Level 2

  • Practical Cleaning Skills (Awards) (7139)

    These cleaning qualifications will help professional cleaners work safely and effectively and provide a high quality service. They are small, award size qualifications at Entry 3, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of a practical nature and they cover a variety of tasks relevant to modern cleaning op

    Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2

  • L2 Diploma in Children's Care Learning and Development (Northern Ireland) (3087)

    The 3087-02 Level 2 Diploma in Children's Care Learning and Development (Northern Ireland) allows learners to learn about child development and to develop and refine some of the practical and technical skills required for employment and/or career progression in the Early Years and Childcare Sector.

    Level 2

  • Aviation Operations on the Ground (4877)

    These qualifications will allow you to prove your skills working in an airport - whether at the departure gate or in the terminal. You'll build on your communications and operational skills and show you have the underlying knowledge needed for your particular role.

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Water Regulations & Unvented Hot Water Systems (3345)

    On completion of the Water Regulations or Hot Water Systems qualifications the learner will be able to install plumbing systems or water fittings in line with UK Building Regulations. 

    Level 3

  • ESOL Skills for Life (4692)

     ESOL Skills for Life qualifications support speakers of other languages based within the UK to develop their English language skills for work, further learning or everyday life. This revised suite of ESOL Skills for Life qualifications replaces the previous suite (3692). It includes 'single-mo

    Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2

  • Essential Skills Wales (3868)

    Keeping in touch We use our email alert system to update you with changes that happen, so please ensure you sign up using the link to Email Updates at the foot of this page and choose Essential Skills Wales in the preference centre. We also have a page where the content of the emails is posted, thi

    Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • Air Cabin Crew (4849)

    This qualification can help you get your first job working in a cabin crew team. You'll learn how to co-ordinate a safe flight - preparing the cabin, getting the passengers aboard, demonstrating safety procedures as well as learning how to deal with emergencies.

    Level 2

  • Furniture, Furnishings and Wood Machining (5780)

    Focussing on the essential skills in the production of furniture and furnishings, these qualifications provide learners with all of the skills in order to gain employment in the furniture or furnishings industry. 

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • F GAS and ODS Regulations (2079)

    Focussing on the major principles of F-Gas and Ozone depleting substances (ODS) in stationery refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems, learners who successfully complete this qualification will be legally entitled to work on these systems within the UK in line with the 2009 F-Gas

    Level 2

  • Principles of Sustainable Resource Management (7517)

    These technical certificates support the Apprenticeship in Sustainable Resource Management. The Apprenticeship provides a solid foundation for a broad range of occupational roles in the collection, transport, treatment and final management of waste and recyclables, at both operator and supervisory l

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Functional Skills (4748)

    Functional Skills - 4748  Our Functional Skills qualifications are intended for anyone wishing to develop their maths and English. They focus on both the underpinning skills as well as the ability to apply maths and English to different contexts. They can be completed alongside City & Guild

    Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2

  • Travel Consultant (9056)

    The Travel Consultant Level 3 apprenticeship is for learners who will specialise in either ‘corporate’ or ‘leisure’ travel. Travel consultants provide customer service that should be positive and exceed their client’s expectations. They deliver a range of often comple

  • Business Improvement Techniques (7576)

    This suite of qualifications provides the learner with all of the skills (from basic to advanced) in order to effectively monitor and make improvements to production and manufacturing processes.  The learner will be assessed in the workplace and on completion of this qualification the lear

    Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

  • Technicals in Building Services Engineering (8202)

    The Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Electrical Installation (450) are for learners who are interested in developing the specific technical and professional skill that will lead to meaningful employment in the electrotechnical industry. Learners will explore a wide range of industry areas inclu

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Housing (6207)

    With a qualification in Housing, you can progress your housing career by learning how to work with colleagues and customers in a way that promotes safe, ethical and sustainable working practices. You'll gain the skills to provide an enhanced service to customers by applying organisational policies

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Logistics Operations Apprenticeships (9868)

    Our Logistics Operations Apprenticeships provide learners with knowledge and skills in specialist areas of expertise. Areas include mail and package distribution, warehousing and storage, import and export, driving goods, traffic office and transport departments. Please note: Key Skills (3638) clos

    Level 2

  • Printing (5400)

    Focussing on the essential knowledge and skills needed to work in today's printing industry, including desk top publishing, machine printing and mechanised binding,  these qualifications will prepare the learner in order to gain employment or progress within the printin

    Level 3

  • Cleaning Principles (7695)

    Learn the best techniques for specific cleaning tasks with an Award, Certificate or Diploma in Cleaning Principles. You can choose the cleaning skills you want to focus on - there are topics ranging from operating mechanical street cleaners to cleaning safely at heights. And with the Certificate

    Level 2

  • Energy Assessment (6361)

    Energy Assessment is a regulated industry in the UK and is undertaken across a number of different situations including domestic buildings, non-domestic and commercial buildings, and air-conditioning systems. The Domestic Energy Assessor produces an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) using the m

    Level 3 Level 4

  • Logistics Operations Management (3439)

    For those employed in the logistics sector who want to prove their competence in a supervisory or management role. This qualification covers all the essential skills and knowledge needed to ensure that goods reach their destinations safely and efficiently, such as: supervising the receipt, storage

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Mathematics and English Skills (3850)

    *Please note this product is currently offered in the Caribbean, if you’re interested in offering it in your region, please contact your local office.   Available at 3 stages (stage 1 to stage 3)

    Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • LEGACY - Functional Skills qualifications (3748)

    The final certification date for legacy Functional Skills English and Mathematics qualifications is approaching - please see the key dates table below:-  Update - 18 May 2021 The final certification date for 3748-01 and 3748-02 is  31 July 2021. Dea

    Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2

  • Exploring the Aviation Industry and Aviation Environment (4955)

    These qualifications allows learners wishing to enter the aviation industry an opportunity to learn what it covers from cabin crew to ground operations.  Level 2 and 3 can help you progress to get a job in an airport - anything from organising ramps on the runway to working on a check-in desk.

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

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