Construction and Building Service Engineering

From September 2021, in collaboration with Excellence Achievement and Learning (EAL), we will be offering the T Level technical qualifications (TQs) in Building Services Engineering and On-Site Construction. These will only be available in England.

City & Guilds and EAL bring together the strength of two market-leading awarding bodies in qualifications and skills development in the construction and built environment sector. Our aims during the development and implementation of this new suite of qualifications are to help people prepare for the world of work, help them develop in their job and progress on to their next job.

As we move into the delivery phase, we will be producing a suite of resources to support you with the curriculum and implementation. We have put together a list of activities to help you prepare ahead for the TQs first teaching in September 2021.

Please refer to the timeline of activities to ensure that you have everything in place and are ready to hit the ground running.

Download our provider 12-month countdown timeline

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Webinar archive

Here you will find the recordings and slides from each of our T Level update webinars.

September 2020

Construction On-Site and BSE TQ 12-month countdown update – download the slides | watch the webinar recording

July 2020

Construction On-Site and BSE TQ development update – download the slides | watch the webinar recording

June 2020

On-Site and BSE TQ development update – download the slides | watch the webinar recording

May 2020

Milestone and TQ development update – download the slides | watch the webinar recording

February 2020

T Level update – download the slides | watch the webinar recording

December 2019

Introducing T Levels On-Site and Building Services Engineering – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

Draft TQ Specifications

Draft Qualification Content Packs

Draft T Level Technical Qualification in Building Services Engineering for Construction (Level 3) (8710-31) (PDF)

Draft T Level Technical Qualification in Onsite for Construction (Level 3) (8710-30) (PDF)


The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (the Institute) awarded contracts for the second wave of T Level Technical Qualifications (TQs) in October 2019, and these will be taught from September 2021. Each TQ will be subject to Approval by the Institute (as required by the Apprenticeship, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009).

These qualifications are going through a robust development process and have not yet been Approved by the Institute. Awarding Organisations (AOs) continue to engage with Providers as part of the development process. This may include sharing drafts of the Technical Qualification Specification and/or Specimen Assessment Materials.

Providers should be aware that these documents are likely to change as work between the Institute and AOs continues at depth and pace. These materials are being shared with Eligible Providers solely for information purposes to ensure as much visibility as possible during the development period. Pending approval by the Institute and accreditation by Ofqual, materials are expected to be shared with Providers in December 2020.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can we access the TQ content for On-site Construction and BSE?

We’re amplifying the qualification content this is evolving and we will be continuing to share and consult on this content through the development process.

Get in touch with our team to find out how you can get involved:

When will the wave two TQ specifications for 2021 delivery be ready?

The specifications for the wave two TQs will be submitted to IfATE in August 2020, with public release due around September 2020. Please check in to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

As a 2021 provider will I be able to see the specification/s earlier than September 2020?

Yes, we actively encourage involvement from centres during the TQ development phase. We will keep publishing our draft specifications, which will be used at our regional network meetings currently planned for the summer term.

Who is the target audience for an ‘On-site’ and ‘BSE’ T Level Pathway?

Young people who are between the ages of 16 to19 and interested in pursuing a career in construction but unclear of the pathway available to them. The opportunity to undertake a T Level programme will give them the knowledge and skills within their chosen occupational specialism to take them to threshold competency.

Will there be an equipment list that is needed for each of the occupational specialisms?

As the content becomes approved by industry, stakeholders and the regulators, we will provide an equipment list to all providers wishing to deliver T Levels. This will be part of the details around the qualification specifications.

Do you have an IT requirement or license to practice (LTP) in either of these pathways?

These will be mapped and included throughout the specifications. The LTP element of the T Level programme is determined by the T Level panel. They have not indicated or included any LTP in the TQ development.

Is there a bridging qualification so learners can access apprenticeships afterwards?

Currently, there isn’t a separate bridging qualification available. However, the TQ will be based on the apprenticeship standard for that occupational area as agreed by IfATE.

What support is available for eligible providers in terms of teaching, delivery and assessment?

We’re currently developing support resources for eligible providers for first teaching from September 2021. We will be sharing these with you as soon as they are ready. Visit our dedicated page for regular updates.

We are also producing two core textbooks through Hodder Education. A Building Service Engineering and a Construction edition. These are currently scheduled for publication in October and November 2021.

In the meantime, you can access the government’s NexT Level campaign launched last year. It has the information young people need to apply for the first of the pioneering T Levels starting September 2020.

There is also a new Department for Education (DfE) website for more information on T Levels.

The Education and Training Foundation has been asked by the DfE to deliver a workforce development offer ahead of T Levels. The T Level Professional Development offer aims to ensure that further education and post-16 providers are T Level ready. This means ensuring that teachers, trainers, and leaders have the teaching skills, subject knowledge and confidence needed to deliver high-quality courses from the outset. Visit their website for more information.

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