Navigating the UK Skills Challenges Podcast: Episode 2 Part 2

“Employability skills" – including effective communication and other workplace behaviours, are now essential for those aiming to find employment and progress their careers. The need for employability skills is consistently highlighted by employers, but young people entering the world of work often lack professional skills, and have limited knowledge of their importance at work.  

In the second of two podcasts exploring this topic, Bryony Kingsland and Eric Oliver are joined by Kira and Rob, members of the City & Guilds Young Learner Advisory Team, who share their insights on the employability challenges faced by young people in the modern workplace. Also, Employability Skills expert, Hilary Gwilliam, joins us on this fascinating episode. The discussion deepens into crucial aspects of employability, work-life balance, and employer-employee trust. Here's a breakdown of the topics covered:

  • Transactional Nature of Employment: workplaces, where employees expect tangible returns for their efforts.
  • Cultural Shift in Employment: The conversation explores whether the transactional nature of employment is due to cultural shifts or the current job market dynamics.
  • Communication Skills: The importance of effective communication skills in navigating workplace dynamics, including negotiating salaries and discussing career progression.
  • Access to Opportunities: The challenges faced by working-class individuals in accessing internships and entry-level positions, emphasising the need for equal opportunities.