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e-volve familiarisation

e-volve familiarisation

Use our guides and information here to help get up to speed and to manage your use of e-volve. You can also look at the films on e-volve analytics on the main e-volve page.

Technical and licence information

Useful for technical teams, or staff in charge of installing the software:
SecureAccess minimum technical requirements
SecureClient Installation Guide
e-volve Software Licence
e-volve Terms of Acceptable Use
Access arrangements and Special Consideration

User guides and Q&As

For all system users, these will help you use and understand the system.
quick reference guide
evolve user FAQ
e-volve centre user guide
Exam booking guide
e-volve analytics FAQ
Magnifying SecureAssess for the visually impaired - Windows 7 only

Troubleshooting technical issues with SecureClient

Learners unable to progress through to the test once the keycode and PIN had been entered

City & Guilds regularly upgrades E-volve SecureClient. The SecureClient that customers use on their testing workstations needs to match the latest version of SecureClient.

Normally SecureClient on customer workstations will automatically upgrade, but in some instances the upgrade fails and learners are not able to progress to their assessment in Evolve.

To resolve this issue:

Check the version of SecureClient on your testing workstations starts with these five digits: 12.029.

To check you will need to open SecureClient and click on the wording Surpass, Powering Assessment.

As per the screen shot, a popup with an Admin button will appear, the version of SecureClient will be displayed.

evolve screenshot version number

If your version doesn’t start with 12.029, you will need to uninstall and reinstall SecureClient.

Before you uninstall

  • First, log in to the Admin section of SecureClient and check there are no results to upload.
  • If you do have results to upload, please upload them.
  • If you have any issues uploading results or with the installation process, please call customer services on 01924 930800

To reinstall Secure Client click here.