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Centre replacement certificates

Replacement certificates for centres

These instructions are for centres that need to request replacement certificates on behalf of their learners. 


As part of our continued investment in offering our customers and learners an improved experience related to accessing Certificates; we have invested in a new platform to offer e-Certification that over time, as we roll this out, will allow any learner or centre to access their Certificates at any time.

As part of this investment we have reviewed our process of Replacement Certificates and from the 16th March 2015 we will only be offering a replacement certificate at no charge one calendar month from date of certificate issue.

Over one month from the date of issue, you will need to request a replacement certificate. There is a £44 fee for this service, which will be charged to your centre account.

How to request a replacement/re-issued certificate

To request a replacement, please email: customersupport@cityandguilds.com. You will need to provide:

  • your centre number
  • your order number
  • the reason for replacement
  • candidate enrolment number, full name and date of birth
  • qualification number and title, including level.

Please note that your application will take up to three weeks to be processed