Business Administrator Apprenticeship End-point Assessment (9473)

Last Updated: 02 Apr 2024

Product code 9473

LARS number 196

The level 3 apprenticeship standard for the Business administrator is designed for apprentices in administrative roles. Business administrators show excellent administrative skills and behaviours as well as strong product and/or service knowledge. They provide service in line with business administrative standards and strategy and understand regulatory requirements.

This standard is currently being assessed against two different versions of the assessment plan. The assessment plan to be selected is determined by the apprentice’s on-programme start date:
  • Apprentices who started their apprenticeship on or after 10 September 2020 will be assessed against AP03 and need to be registered on 9473-22.
  • Apprentices who started their apprenticeship before 10 September 2020 will be assessed against AP01, and need to be registered on 9473-12, unless the provider, employer or apprentice agree to move to AP03.
Please see the documents tab to access the relevant EPA Packs. Please make sure you are following the correct version of the EPA handbook and use the correct version of the gateway recording forms for your apprentices.

Summary of our offer:

Our range of digital teaching and learning resources for Business administrator gives you the flexibility to choose the tools you need to support apprentices through their on-programme learning, build their confidence and competence and ensure a quality learning experience in preparation for EPA.
We are on the register of end-point assessment organisations for Business administrator. Our high-quality, rigorous end-point assessment (EPA), can be delivered at a convenient time for your apprentice.  Our EPA service includes a suite of guidance documents and preparation tools to get you ready for EPA.  

Click here to view related webinars and information for Business Skills, and make sure you are registered for the latest updates here.


City & Guilds has designed innovative and flexible delivery content that will equip apprentices with the competence and confidence to perform their best in assessment.  Including; 

Optional qualification: Our Level 3 Diploma for the Business Administrator 3473-03 supports the delivery of all the skills, knowledge and behaviours required.  Apprentices will receive a certificate upon successful completion. 

Apprenticeship training manual: Our apprenticeship training manual (ATM) guides tutors and apprentices through a range of practical tasks mapped to the standard, allowing apprentices to track progress and record evidence of their learning as they go. Tasks are mapped to maths & English requirements, developing knowledge and skills in a real working environment.

The ATM is available as a digital download (order code SS241017-L3) or through our e-portfolio, Learning Assistant.

Downloadable tutor materials: Tutor materials compliment apprenticeship delivery with engaging content including handouts, lesson plans and presentations, covering all learning outcomes.  SmartScreen order code SS3473-03 (standard) SS9473-03 (enhanced).

Digital learning: Allows learners to study at their own pace and in their own time, offering flexibility in lesson delivery and learning styles. Our content is interactive, including videos, quizzes and knowledge content for learners to work through independently. All of our content maps to the required skills, knowledge and behaviour outlined in the assessment plan, so tutors can feel confident that everything is covered. For the business administrator, we have developed Get to Gateway, a web-based learning solution that includes e-learning, assessment practice, tracking tools and reporting to evidence 20% off-the-job learning. For more information, or to request a demo, please email

Induction learning content: Extensive content including handouts and e-learning modules meets the mandatory requirements for any apprenticeship programme of learning: 
  • Health and safety 
  • Safeguarding and Prevent
  • Equality and diversity 
  • British values
Maths & English: Our Functional Skills qualifications cover the core maths and English requirements for this standard.  Our support package, e-Functional Skills is an online teaching and learning platform that guides learners from an initial diagnostic assessment, through to meeting the requirements for this standard. 

End-point assessment

EPA product code: 9473-12/22

As one of the biggest EPAOs in England, we pride ourselves on our first rate customer service.  Our EPA team is on hand to support you every step of the way, guiding you through gateway and ensuring your apprentice has all the tools they need to prepare for the assessment.   Our assessment and grading is standardised and all our assessors have industry experience and receive on-going training, so you can trust that we will deliver a fair and robust assessment.

9473-12 Business administrator (AP01) - assessment events for this standard are:
  • Knowledge test
  • Portfolio-based interview
  • Project/improvement process presentation

9473-22 Business administrator (AP03) - assessment events for this standard are:
  • Knowledge test
  • Portfolio-based interview
  • Project presentation
For further guidance, please refer to our handbook and end-point assessment pack. The handbook provides more detail behind the knowledge, skills and behaviours in the standard and the range of content within the standard. The end-point assessment pack includes detailed guidance on grading criteria for the EPA and the evidence you’ll need to produce for knowledge, skills and behaviours at gateway.  You’ll find these in the documents section above.   
EPA preparation and gateway guidance for this standard:  
Upon registration for EPA, you will have access to a range of support material for Business Administrator to help prepare for end-point assessment.

EPA exemplar materials: available for tutors, providing real assessment examples for each assessment type, such as transcripts and model answers.  This will help you to prepare apprentices and ensure they feel ready for assessment.  

Sample knowledge test: A sample of the EPA assessment paper to use with apprentices for formative or mock papers.  The pack includes the paper, the mark scheme and a mark sheet. 

Recording forms: supporting you to complete key stages of EPA readiness, we have prepared forms to give you peace of mind and confidence that everything is covered.  These packs include a gateway declaration form that is needed during the booking process and assessment forms, if required, that apprentices might need during assessment. 

LIEPA reports: Our lead independent end assessors (LIEPAs) produce an annual report with insight into the EPA results and findings across all centres.  These reports can help you refine your apprenticeship delivery to improve success rates.  

Apprenticeship certification
As well as receiving their Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) apprenticeship certificate, the apprentice will receive a City & Guilds statement of achievement for end-point assessment.

Digital credentials provide an exciting new way to motivate and reward apprentices’ on-going progression. They allow achievements to be verifiable, shareable and trackable all in one click. Please add your learners’ email address during registration. A digital credential cannot be issued without the learner’s email address.

How to register

If you’re an existing City & Guilds centre or interested in becoming a centre, make sure you’ve read our EPA manual and guidance. This will explain the process and all our terms and conditions. Our short ‘how-to’ guides and videos are a great start to help you get to grips with what to expect and how to stay on track when booking EPA and preparing apprentices for assessment. You’ll find these resources in our EPA document library.

To use our quality-assured on-programme materials or end-point assessment service there are three ways to either find out more or to order what you need:

1. If you’re an existing City & Guilds customer, go to Walled Garden and select the materials you need or register your apprentice for end-point assessment. (You may need to submit a request to deliver if you don’t yet have approval for that standard.)

2. Get in touch with Our team can explain our different products and services and start getting you set up as a customer or give existing customers support on the new apprenticeship arrangements.

3. Speak to your City & Guilds Business Manager about how to access our products or how to register your apprentices with us.

Here you can find all documents related to this suite of apprenticeship.

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