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18th Edition IET wiring regulations

It is now a requirement that all electrical installations designed after 1 January 2019 comply with BS 7671:2018, 18th Edition.

The 18th Edition of The IET Wiring Regulations launched on 2 July 2018. Also known as BS 7671:2018, it’s an opportunity for all electricians to be up to date with the latest industry standards.

We've worked with the IET, to demonstrate our joint commitment to skills in the electrotechnical sector, and provide for all of your IET 18th Edition requirements with a complete package of qualifications and digital learning resources.

We’ve made it easier than ever for learners to share their Level 3 Award in Requirements for Electrical Installations online with a digital credential. Our digital credential is available for learners upon successful completion of the Level 3 Award.

Find out how we can help you transition to the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations.

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What do these changes mean for learners, professionals and the industry?

Those working on the design, installation and inspection and testing of wiring systems will need to be prepared for the changes in order to remain compliant as some of the changes will affect most electrical installation work. These include, but are not limited to:

  • additions to the scope of BS 7671
  • changes to the disconnection times for certain circuits
  • further requirements for circuit protection in domestic dwellings
  • considerations for Arc Fault Detection in many installations
  • supporting of wiring systems
  • inspection and testing procedures.

For full details of the changes, you can watch our webinar below

What qualifications are affected?

The changes affect all City & Guilds electrotechnical qualifications.

Most of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) qualifications are suitable for both versions of BS 7671 up to January 2019. From that point, all qualifications will align to BS 7671: 2018 only.

From January 2019, 2382-15, which is aligned to the IET 17th Edition, will no longer be available.

For those currently on a City & Guilds apprenticeship or Technical programmes, the changes will be introduced in stages to complement progression.

For more information take a look at our frequently asked questions or watch the 18th edition webinar, where Steven Devine MIET and Peter Tanner from City & Guilds discuss the changes. Q&A’s from that webinar can also be found here.

Our qualifications and digital resources

For centres

Our market leading products and services, are recognised and endorsed by leading industry bodies and employer representatives such as the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), the Joint Industry Body (JIB), and the Institute of Engineering Technology (IET).

We’ve a range of qualifications and Enhanced SmartScreen resources in bundles to give you and your learners the best chance at meeting the new 18th Edition requirements. Our offer has everything you need – whether you're delivering entirely in the classroom, via blended learning or online.

Our product bundles:

1.  2382-18 Registration
2.  2382-28 Registration and IET/City & Guilds Enhanced SmartScreen short course (seven hours)
3.  2382-38 Registration, IET/City & Guilds Enhanced SmartScreen short course, Wiring Regulations book and on-site guide

You can also purchase the following separately:

4.  IET/City & Guilds Enhanced SmartScreen short course (seven hours)
5.  IET/City & Guilds Enhanced SmartScreen long course (35 hours)
6.  IET 18th Edition Wiring Regulations book
7.  IET 18th Edition On-Site Guidebook
8.  City & Guilds Enhanced SmartScreen Tutor Pack for the 2382-18

Find out more in our short guide.

The Enhanced SmartScreen short course is available on SmartScreen on a per learner licence. The content of the courses is produced in a series of ‘microlearning’ activities (around 4-5 minutes in length). Assessment of knowledge is a regular feature within the course – ensuring that learners fully understand how to navigate and interpret the Wiring Regulations in their updated form. Three sample tests are included in the course.

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All elements can also be purchased as standalone items from Walled Garden. If you have any questions about our digital resources, please email directsales@cityandguilds.com.


For learners

If you're a learner the course of study for this may depend on your current qualifications; contact your local electrotechnical training centre or college, they may be offering short update sessions for those who hold the qualification 2382-15 (17th Edition) or they will offer longer courses of study for those who require it.

For those actively involved in the design, erection and inspection and testing of electrical installations, our 2382-18 Level 3 Award in Requirements for Electrical Installations is now available will demonstrate your understanding of the requirement of electrical installations to BS7671: 2018.

Please be aware that registrations for 2382-15 will close on 31 December 2018 and certifications will close from 31 March 2019.

Digital credentials

Upon successful completion of the 2382 test, learners may also receive a digital credential. This will be in addition to their paper certificate – an online badge, a digital representation of their achievement, which can be displayed online and on social media.

Training providers will be eligible to issue digital credentials to learners who attain the qualification free of charge.

Find out more about Digital Credentials for the 18th Edition IET wiring regulations.

In an industry with ever-changing technology, it is critical that a skilled workforce working on electrotechnical systems are up to date with the ever-changing requirements.

The electrotechnical apprenticeship standard (5357) was developed to include the same unit and assessment that is used within the wiring regulations qualification. We have amended this qualification adding in a new unit and assessment that reflects the publication of the 18th edition. The 5357-018 assessment is the same examination that is used for the City & Guilds 18th edition qualification (2382).

This allows apprentices, who successfully achieve the qualification supporting the electrotechnical apprenticeship standard to obtain an 18th edition certificate.

Once learners have achieved the assessment 5357-018 and have been certificated against either 5357-03/93 – centres can then register them onto the qualification 2382-78 and claim the certification module 2832-919 which will generate the certificate (there is a cost of £30 for this certificate).

If you, as a centre, had any queries on this please refer to the handbook guide, or email edition18@cityandguilds.com

To learn more about Electrotechnical apprenticeships visit our page here.

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