Operational support and quality implementation

Embedding a quality training programme is not just about creating a leading edge strategy. Our flexible team can step in to support day-to-day and ad hoc operations in your business, taking the pain away to ensure a seamless transition during implementation of your people strategy.

What can we help you with?

Provide interim management and/or staff resource

Once you have your people plan in place, you want to get it operational as soon as possible. You may not have the right resource in place from day one so we can fill any gaps you have - whether that is to embed organisational change or support BAU. We have a diverse team of operationally skilled and experienced people who can seamlessly occupy critical roles vacant or competence gaps crucial to performance and fulfilment of your people plan. 

Outsourcing services to support recruitment, marketing and celebrating success of your training programme

We know you often want to go the extra mile, but don’t always have the necessary time or resource. We can support you in many different ways from recruitment and on-boarding to celebrating the success of your programmes.

Data management and audit

When delivering an apprenticeship programme, there are data requirements that need to be fulfilled to draw down SFA funding as an employer provider. Using our extensive experience of working with government agencies, we will work with you to understand the regulatory data requirements you need to comply with and then support you to put in place processes for efficient data management. Support may include audits, inputting apprenticeship certification data, coaching staff and/or providing interim resource to ensure compliance with the SFA.

Quality assurance set-up, monitoring and support

We can work alongside or become your interim Quality team to implement your quality strategy. We will ensure your quality assurance process is fit for purpose, timely and monitored effectively. In addition, we can upskill staff, conduct mock inspections, review compliance, develop assessors, verify workbooks and support by attending standardisation meetings with or on behalf of your Quality team.

We recently launched our new Assured service, which can give you an internationally recognised seal of approval. This service is also a business improvement tool, showing you how to take your training from good to great.

We evaluate your training programmes against our benchmark to see how they meet our quality criteria. We do not undertake a critique of the content of the training programme, but we will make sure that it caters to the needs of your learners and meets our quality standards. The Assured service adds value to any type of training no matter the content, format or length. We can recognise both face-to-face and e-learning, assessed or non-assessed training and even training in local languages.

Find out more information about our Assured service or contact us on email at assured@cityandguilds.com.

Embed and design your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives

We can work with Corporate Affairs team to review, recommend and implement improvements to specific CSR initiatives.


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One of the largest accredited training programmes in the UK demonstrates commitment to vocational learning and customer excellence.                                                                                                      

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